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COMP 599: Network Science - Fall 2021

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  • Do I have the prerequisites to take the course?
  • This course requires programming skills (Python) and basic knowledge of linear algebra. Basic familiarity with Machine Learning is helpful but not necessary. This is a research-oriented course and you need to be comfortable reading, presenting, and analyzing research articles. A decent Internet connection is also required to be able to engage with the class if connecting remotely.
  • Do I need instructor's permission to take this course?
  • It is up to your judgment to see if your background is sufficient. If in doubt, please check some slides from the last year and see if you can follow them, see the list of paper presentations and skim through one, etc. There is no need to reach out to me for a permission; please reach out directly to the admins to help you register and cc me, in case you can not register directly.
  • How similar is it to the last years?
  • Very similar, please check the last year's websites to get a glimpse of the slides, expectations, etc. We will have an updated version and not exactly the same materials but very similar overall. We have changed the course number from 596 to 599 to better reflect the workload, which is similar to other 4-credit courses, for example COMP 551.
  • What would be the format of the course?
  • We have a mixed lecture-seminar style course. I will cover the textbook and basic concepts early in the course and we move on to seminar series on the most recent papers in the second half of the course.
  • What do I need to do for this course?
  • Early in the course, we will have 3 sets of programming mini-projects to implement basic algorithms and get accustomed to working with networked data. Then, we move to the project [proposed by you], designed as an intro to research in network science, with multiple checkpoints. In addition, you will present 1 or 2 papers [assigned] in the class, and will provide feedback to your peers on their presentations and project reports. Please check below for more information [please note that everything below is tentative].


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