We have multiple open positions for undergraduates, summer interns, MSc and PhD students (all funded). A postdoctoral position could also be arranged for the right candidate.

For undergraduates at McGill interested in working in our group, please fill this form and one of the current students in the group will be reaching out to you directly if there is a match.

Please note that I get more emails that I can respond to and there is a good chance I will not get back to you. The best place to mention you are interested in working with me is in the application files to McGill and/or Mila. I will review all the applications submitted if they mention my name. Please note that there is no application fee for Mila applications which serve moslty as a mean for supervisor search before the university deadlines. If you prefer to send an email, please read the following instructions and include them in the email.

General Instructions: